The intention of this page is to list the physicians that support the utilization of health coaches, who, in turn, support their patients. There are many doctors out there, but we are looking to specifically list those who recommend and prescribe, if you will, that their patients partner with a Board Certified Health Coach in order to assist them with making lasting positive healthy changes.

If you are a Physician who is up on the latest studies that prove the positive impact health coaches have in assisting patients with lasting healthy changes, get listed here. (See our ‘What’s New’ page to learn more).

Patients are looking for physicians who are supportive beyond the basic prescription pad. They understand physicians have time constraints. Health Coaches can help close the gap in care. For example, when the doctor recommends that the patient eats better and starts exercising, often the patient leaves feeling overwhelmed and does not know where to start. A Board Certified Health Coach can guide the doctor’s patient (the Coach’s client) in fulfilling their own healthy lifestyle goals while staying within their Scope of Practice.

(Patients, please check back often as the list is expected to grow).

Ernest Ehrhardt, I.M.D. , N.M.D. Basking Ridge, NJ In Office & Virtual.