The founder of this website, Coach Rose, is a National BOARD

The idea behind this site is to have a convenient location for credentialed Board Certified Health Coaches, specifically with a Healthcare or Medical background, or personal medical journey, or just a desire to work with clients that are referred by physicians, to list their contact information here. There is already a directory at that lists all NBC-HWC.

In addition, Medical Doctors who support their patients by referring them to a credentialed Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach, can list their practice information as well, in order to make it easier to connect with each other for a lasting professional partnership for the benefit of the patient/client.

As well, patients/clients can come to this site to find a supportive Medical Doctor or supportive Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach with the NBC-HWC credentials. Doctors are beginning to recognize that Health and Wellness Coaches can play an important role in assisting their patients between visits. There are white papers and studies available regarding the positive impact Health and Wellness Coaches have on their patients in between physician visits.

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About the Founder

A brief interview with Coach Rose:

Hi Rose! It’s great to meet you, and thank you for sharing your background and expertise. Your experience in Medical Laboratory Technology and Medical Sales Consulting is impressive. Performing various tests, including PCR COVID testing, during the pandemic must have been challenging and important work.

It’s wonderful to learn that you are a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC) as well. Your training as a Certified Hypnotherapist and Reiki Level II practitioner adds another dimension to your skill set, allowing you to support clients in different ways.

Your passion for helping others is evident throughout your journey in the medical healthcare industry. The roles you’ve held in both corporate and non-profit settings have provided you with a well-rounded perspective on healthcare and shaped who you are today. It’s inspiring to see your dedication to making a positive impact on people’s lives.

As a Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach, your aim to assist individuals in reaching their goals is commendable. I’m sure your expertise and compassionate approach will greatly benefit your clients. Keep up the fantastic work, Rose!”

Coach Rose: Thank you! Although I do have a diverse background which has led me to where I am today, it is important to know that when it comes to being a National Board Certified Health Coach I will stay within my Scope of Practice. For example, although I may have an understanding of lab results, I will not review or interpret your lab results. Your Medical Doctor would need to assist you there. I do not interpret or review any genetic information, and I do not offer suggestions or treatment plans based on clinical information or customize diets. As a Board Certified Health Coach, I will use motivational interviewing techniques to help guide you to reaching your goals and focus on the positives and your strengths to help you achieve your goals. If you wanted to discuss hypnotherapy, we would schedule a completely separate session for that. I also wanted to provide some more information about my background as well as information directly from the site: “The National Board Certification credential (NBC-HWC) represents the profession’s highest standard.

What is a health coach and how can they help?

Health & wellness coaches support clients in activating internal strengths and external resources to make sustainable and healthy lifestyle behavior changes. Health coaches use a client-centered approach wherein clients decide their goals, engage in self-discovery or active learning processes, and self-monitor behaviors to increase accountability, all within the context of an interpersonal relationship with a health coach.

Whatever goal the client sets, the health coach ensures that they are supported until the desired outcome is achieved. Our board-certified coaches display an unconditional positive regard for their clients and have trained to the highest standards in the profession, which means that they have the skills and knowledge to walk alongside you on your path to your healthiest self.

Being in the laboratory and seeing so many positive test results from patients who each made their own decisions and have their own stories that led to their results, was a big motivator for me. Having this experience was one reason that led me to becoming Board Certified as a Health Coach.

I worked in the Hematology and Microbiology Labs at a large hospital in New Jersey. I was responsible for performing critical testing such as identifying bacteria in the blood which could lead to Sepsis, and urgently providing doctors and nurses these results, along with the specific antibiotics that work to conquer the bacteria as quickly as possible for optimal patient care. I performed respiratory panel tests (Influenza A/B testing, RSV), Mono, Strep Testing, and other tests such as Urine Cultures to identify UTI (Urinary Tract Infections), MRSA, and C. Difficile testing, CBC’s (Complete Blood Counts), CSF’s (Cerebral Spinal Fluid testing) for white blood cell counts, gram stains, meningitis testing and more. I utilized the latest state-of-the-art technology including PCR testing (Polymerase Chain Reaction). This is a diagnostic test that determines if someone is infected by analyzing a sample to see if it contains genetic material from the virus or bacteria.

I spent nearly 20 years as a Medical Sales Account Manager in more of a consultative role. Two opposite roles requiring different skill sets in many ways, yet I enjoyed the challenge and broader perspective both roles provided.

I worked for a Fortune 500 medical company managing a $100 Million dollar hospital territory. I sold products I used in the laboratory. I served hospitals throughout New York (i.e. NYU Medical Center, Memorial Sloan Kettering), New Jersey, and the Philadelphia area. In addition, I spent nearly 10 years working for a well-known non-profit organization where I was responsible for overseeing 30 hospitals, and with an orchestrated team, ensuring the hospitals’ blood supply levels were efficient for emergency trauma use, (i.e. car accident victims), transfusions for cancer patients, and scheduled surgeries. I called on various healthcare professionals from Medical Lab Management, Pathologists, Doctors, Operating Room Nurse Managers, VP of Operations to the CEO Suite. I was responsible for the business aspects of my territory including building trusting relationships and helping to solve challenges for the overall improvement of patient care. I was always passionate about the ultimate customer, the patient. I also have an entrepreneur creative side. (Perhaps for another conversation:)

I have been a patient advocate and primary care coordinator for my 97-year-young mother. What a blessing and an irreplaceable experience on so many levels! I was also a patient in the hospital including having anaphylactic shock! I know what it’s like. I have empathy, compassion, and understanding for the patient.

I also have a real appreciation for life and all the hardworking healthcare workers including the behind-the-scenes Medical Laboratory Technologists, that are available not only during the day but at night, weekends, holidays, 24/7!!

In addition, I have always been into nutrition and fitness, whether striving to improve my own overall health or learning about it to help others. I really enjoy learning about the most miraculous technology of them all, the human body, and what makes us function optimally. I spent over 6 years volunteering at an Integrative Health practice and Nutraceuticals store. It was amazing to see patients make a complete turnaround from following a specific nutritional protocol. I’ve seen patients reverse Type 2 diabetes, become cancer-free, shrink enlarged hearts, avoid a liver transplant after being on a waiting list for a new liver, regain eyesight, and even an 88-year-old recover from a broken tailbone in less than 3 months vs. the expected year. They had the unusual “routine” support of this doctor, available to his patients by phone and text! Unheard of! WOW! I recognized THAT was a big part of why his patients were so successful! But as we know most doctors do NOT have the time to spend with patients. The healthcare system is just not set up that way. That is where a Health Coach could make a huge difference!

I grew up Catholic as the youngest of 7 children with many nieces and nephews! I have strong faith and a very spiritual side.

With all the above being said, piecing it all together, understanding the huge gap between what a traditional allopathic doctor recommends and prescribes and what the actual patient does between doctor visits has also contributed to my passion for health coaching!

I attended Duke’s Integrative Medicine Program for Health Coaching. Learn more about their program here:
(Duke Health and Well Being Program)

I feel fortunate to be able to assist clients with their transformational goals. I would be happy to speak to learn more about you and your goals! To schedule an appointment or for a free consultation with Rose, please email: